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Accessories for Shipping Containers | Universal Container Services LTD

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Date: June 27th 2018

Accessories for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are much more versatile than you think. If you’re looking to buy a new or used shipping container, they come as they are. First, you would choose from either a 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container that’s fit for purpose but we can safely assume that you’d want to change your container in some way so that it does exactly what you need it to.

  • If you’re using your shipping container for an on-site office for a construction site, will you need doors and windows?
  • If you’re converting your container, would you prefer to see a design of the finished piece before you give the go ahead for works to take place?
  • If you’re using your shipping container to store vehicles or machinery, do you need double doors that open at either end of the container?
  • If you’re using your shipping container for storage, would you be happier if you could have additional security features?
  • If you’re converting your container, would you prefer it to look aesthetically pleasing and be painted in a colour of your choice?
  • If you’re stacking your shipping containers, would you like to be able to add a staircase and landing to allow upstairs and downstairs access?

These are just some examples of things to consider when buying your shipping container. When purchasing your container, it’s important to consider a variety of different factors that may come into play once your container in installed, for instance, security, damp and storage.

The container itself is simply a foundation for your idea, and to bring your concept to life, you will no doubt want to add parts and accessories to your container so that your finished conversion is fully functional and fit for purpose.

Here is a list of just some of the accessories we have to offer:

Damp Stick

The damp stick is aimed at reducing damp and condensation in your container in a cost-effective way. They are cheap, long-lasting and highly efficient.

Personnel Door

Where security, cost and quality are all essential requirements, Kirncroft steel security doors are the ideal solution.  With stainless steel handles and hinges and weatherproof fixtures, it’s a long-lasting secure solution.

Window With Shutter

Kirncroft anti-vandal steel window shutters offer a high level of security for anti-vandal modular building applications. The steel shutters are manufactured and designed to the same high-quality standards as our steel doors.

Security Padlock

The CISA75 Container Padlock is ideal for use with container lock boxes. This padlock is highly suited for use on security gates & warehouses and comes with 3 keys, although additional keys may be added.

Painting Service

Our heavy-duty specialised container paints are perfect for applying to the walls of your container and we have a huge selection of colours to choose from and offering painting services for full repainting right through to touch ups.

CSC Plating and Inspection

New ISO containers have valid CSC for 5 years from the date of production. After this period there are 2 schemes to maintain CSC validity and to ensure containers are in safe and usable condition and we can offer them both for peace of mind.

Staircase & Landing

When containers have been stacked, and access is required on upper levels, container staircases can always be fabricated and installed to provide safe access. These staircases are used with multi-storey conversions such as offices, canteens and exhibition stands.

Racking for Containers

Shipping container racking and shelving is ideal for tidying up storage containers and for getting the most from your available space. With many options available timber racking or even full steel racking to take extreme weight.

CAD Design Service

If you want to see what your container conversion will look like once complete and in situ, our talented CAD design service can help you plan your project and make sure every part of the build is planned for.

Electrics for Containers

We offer a wide range of bespoke electrical installations with our own in house fully qualified electricians on site, we offer many options, such as lighting, heating, sockets and air conditioning.

Graffo Therm

Graffo Therm condensation prevention spray is a biological product that once sprayed onto the roof combats condensation build up within the container, solving the condensation issue, which means a longer lasting container!

Helpful? We hope so! If you’re still unsure as to which accessories would be suitable for your container, we’re always available to talk over the phone to offer friendly support and advice!

If you would like a friendly, honest chat about choosing the correct parts and accessories to suit your needs, please call the Universal team today on 0845 050 0330 or feel free to email

5 Things To Consider When Choosing WHERE To Place Your Shipping Container

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Date: June 13th 2018

5 Things To Consider When Choosing WHERE To Place Your Shipping Container

Families and businesses alike are buying shipping containers to repurpose for lots of different, exciting conversions. Domestic conversions range from simple self-storage through to bespoke garden rooms, whereas commercial conversions cover hundreds of varied designs, from restaurants to offices to on-site facilities to retail units.

However, once you’d decide that you want a bespoke shipping container conversion, it’s important to consider where the finished container will be placed. Before we get the green light to install your shipping container conversion at your chosen location, it’s important that you’re fully prepared to be able to receive your container.

So, without further ado, here are 5 things to consider when choosing WHERE to place your shipping container:

Is the site suitable?

So that we are able to deliver your container properly and professionally, an assessment of your proposed site may be needed to establish whether access and installation is possible. For open spaces, such as large building sites, this isn’t always an issue although we’d always suggest that you double-check with us if you have any concerns about the delivery of your shipping container conversion.

Is there sufficient access available?

As it is your responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient access to your proposed site for a large vehicle, make sure this is at the top of your to-do list. If, for instance, you are planning to order a garden room yet the land to the back of your home has no rear access, this may affect delivery so be sure to talk to our team about this if you are unsure.

Have you spoken to your local planning office?

Shipping container conversions don’t always require planning permission as they are portable temporary structures and have no fixed foundations. However, this being said, some domestic and commercial containers may need planning permission in order to be installed in your desired location. Make sure you seek assurance and approval from your local planning office regardless to avoid disappointment.

Have you checked the ground?

The majority of shipping containers require a solid foundation. Supports, such as concrete bases or flag stones, can help to protect the bottom of the container and ultimately, prevent rusting. We’d also advise that the area chosen has a 5ft clearance as this will allow the doors to be opened. It’s important that the ground of your chosen site is prepared pre-installation to avoid any delays in delivery.

Are there any obstacles?

When arranging for the efficient delivery of your bespoke shipping container conversion, be sure to let us know if there are any known obstacles we may face, for instance, walls or fences. We want the installation and delivery process to be as smooth as possible – just as much as you do – so as long as we have plenty of notice and photos where applicable, we’ll consider any challenges accepted!

Useful? We thought so! If you’re still not sure about the checks that you should be aware of before giving the go-ahead for delivery on your shipping container conversion, we’re always available to pick up the phone and offer helpful support and advice.

If you would like a friendly, honest chat about how we can create your bespoke Shipping Container conversion, please call the Universal team today on 0845 050 0330 or feel free to email

Why Choose A Garden Room? | Universal Container Services LTD

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Date: June 13th 2018

Why Choose A Garden Room?

We’ve been having a lot of conversations with customers and colleagues alike since the launch of our newest shipping container conversion – The Garden Room – and the root of each conversation has been the same. Why choose a Garden Room? Well, if you’re not quite in the know about the multitude of benefits that come with having a Garden Room, we’ve listed a few for you…

#1 – A Garden Room Is… DURABLE

Garden Rooms aren’t a quick-fix, space saving solution like a large wooden shed might be. Not only are they bigger and better, but they are built and converted to last. All of our Garden Rooms are made using brand new ISO steel shipping containers and the main benefit of this is that they are constructed from Corten steel – an anti-corrosive, long-lasting material developed to withstand the test of time.

#2 – A Garden Room Is… PORTABLE

Of course, we wouldn’t want you to assume that you can just stick your Garden Room in the back of your car. Moving your container to a different location – whether that be within your own garden or within a different property – would require professionals to do it effectively, but the good thing to know is that the option is there. So if you ever did decide to move house – thanks to the fact that Garden Rooms have no fixed foundations – you can take it with you!

#3 – A Garden Room Is… BESPOKE

We don’t have a batch of garden rooms ready to go with no lead time for the simple reason that each converted container is individually tailored to your unique specification. People choose garden rooms for a multitude of reasons so having them built and designed with their primary use in mind ensures that they are wholly fit for purpose and exactly what you want.

#4 – A Garden Room Is… GUARANTEED

Of course, we deliver to all UK mainland addressed and our professional team provide on-site installation of your garden room, but we don’t just leave it at that and consider our work here as done. No, we want to ensure that you continue to be happy with your Garden Room and we’re on hand if anything’s a miss. That’s why all our Garden Rooms are covered by a comprehensive 5-year structural guarantee against any defects.

#5 – A Garden Room Is… MULTI-FUNCTIONAL

Garden Rooms are being chosen by many different people for many different purposes. The main reason being a space-saving solution but what that space is used for varies massively. From home offices to playrooms to art studios to gyms to the odd man cave, they pretty much tix every box.

#6 – A Garden Room Is… AFFORDABLE

When considering additional space at home, the traditional go-to options are either to move to a new house or to extend your current property. Moving to a new house not only causes a lot of upheaval but can be a very expensive process, just as extending your property can be – especially if things don’t quite go to plan! However, with a Garden Room, the cost is discussed upfront with no strings attached and we can comfortably assure you that there are no hidden charges AND it’s MUCH cheaper than moving or extending.

#7 – A Garden Room Is… READY FOR USE

No need to whip out your paintbrush or head to B&Q for lighting fixtures, we cover all the basics of both the interior and exterior of your converted container so that you don’t have to. As standard, you can expect to have UPVC double-glazed windows and doors, professional plaster boarding and skimming, high quality flooring & skirting, internal LED lighting and electrical sockets, heating and consumer unit. All you need to do is add the finishing touches and you’re good to go!

Convinced yet? We’d be surprised if you weren’t. There are so many benefits to choosing a container converted into Garden Room as a space saving solution for your home, but if you need further convincing, we’re only a phone call away!

If you would like a friendly, honest chat about how we can create your bespoke Garden Room, call the Universal team today on 0845 050 0330 or feel free to email