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Dropside Shipping Container Conversion | Universal Container Services Ltd

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Date: August 28th 2022

Dropside Shipping Container Conversion

Universal Containers take pride in continually pushing the boundaries in product development within the shipping container industry.  We are dedicated to researching and developing new techniques within our sector in order to provide our customers with products not only for today, but also the future.

With the well-documented decline of our high streets and the small businesses which traditionally occupied them, there is an increasing interest from local authorities, start-up companies and entrepreneurs searching for newer, creative ideas to revive our shopping centres, markets and city centres.  We have spent a lot of time over the past year developing a cost-effective solution for these needs, utilising shipping containers.

Shipping containers have many qualities and make a great blank canvas to create the perfect, bespoke, manageable unit.  Containerised solutions come with the benefits of affordability, sustainability, strength and flexibility.  With all of the above in mind, we have taken our first steps towards helping rejuvenate and sustain old and new businesses alike with the development of our 20ft pop-up shop/café/bar.

The possibilities with this container conversion are plentiful.  The entire side panel is operated via an electric winch system, taking less than one minute to fully open and close, with an additional traditional door available at the rear or side of the unit.  Once opened, an extended floor space is available which provides capacity for all manner of uses such as seating or product displays.

The floor space is sheltered by a full electric awning system which is rated for UK weather conditions.  The awning is available in a choice of colours and add on features including wind and rain sensors.  The unit is available in a range of internal and external finishes.

After seeing this unit in action, we’re sure you’ll agree that it has massive potential in many applications.  The possibilities are endless whether you’re exploring your options in opening a small café, pop-up shop or moving the unit from festival to festival.

If you share our enthusiasm for this industry-leading project, please get in touch for more information.

The Ready Made Shipping Container Conversion | Universal Container Services LTD

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Date: August 11th 2022

The Ready Made Shipping Container Conversion

We frequently advertise shipping containers as being a versatile means of creating the space you need for anything from storage to retail and even living space.

Container conversions can be a great, flexible means to creating office space, cafes, pop-up shops and more.  As we always point out, the biggest limitation is your imagination!  That certainly is the case when it comes to the blank canvas, as it were, the plain, untouched shipping container.  But what about the ready converted shipping container?  For instance, in the case of this 20ft x 8ft container conversion that we currently have ready made and ready to go, there is the potential for use as a site office, kitchen or toilet block.

So, what would you use it for?  Don’t forget, what you see here is just the beginning, these ready made shipping container conversions are so versatile that they can be added to and further converted to suit all sorts of needs, they quite literally are building blocks. Due to their very nature, shipping containers can be stacked or joined, giving way to much larger structures, our own Irlam offices being a great example of this.

This particular container conversion is available at time of writing for a great price, but is unlikely to be around for long due to demand.  However, that said, it is always worth getting in touch to see if we have any similar ready made shipping container conversions available, after all, it’s what we do!  Alternatively, if you have an idea or requirement for a container conversion which is outside the norm, it is also worth getting in touch, we have a long history of undertaking all manner of container conversion projects for all purposes.  After all, custom made shipping container conversions is a large part of what we do, one size most definitely does not fit all!