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Date: September 27th 2018

4 Things to Remember When Repurposing Containers

Repurposing containers is now an incredibly popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike who are seeking out alternative storage solutions and cost-effective premises and facilities. Of course, it’s not always a done deal for a lot of people when they’re considering using a repurposed shipping container for their project. We believe this is because a lot of people still don’t know just how many big benefits there are to choosing shipping containers as an alternative to fixed structures and other options.

Trust us, there are lots of positives, however we’ve narrowed it down to 4 main benefits you should remember if you’re considering repurposed shipping containers.

Shipping containers are long lasting

Just because shipping containers are significantly more cost efficient than, say, a home extension, this certainly doesn’t mean you’ll only get a few years of use out of it. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The average lifespan of a shipping container is upwards of THIRTY YEARS. This is no surprise really. They’re made from reinforced, galvanised steel. Add this to general care and maintenance, and you’ll get years and years out of your converted shipping container.

Shipping containers are totally customisable

It might be hard to visualise a shipping container becoming, for instance, a gym. However, with the help from our talented CAD team, we can show you what your repurposed container would look like post conversion and the options are endless. From the external, right down to lighting and flooring, through to other fixtures and fitting, you choose which boxes you want to tick and we’ll make it happen.

Shipping containers can save you A LOT of money

Rather than investing in a permanent structure for your home or commercial site, which requires planning permission and a huge investment, why not consider a container? Not only are they are non-permanent structure so that they may be moved, they generally don’t require planning permission. Oh and when compared to a standard house extension or additional building, the price makes them an absolute steal.

Shipping containers are suitable for lots of projects

Let’s take a construction site, for example. A standard container could be used for general on-site storage or large-scale storage of machinery, specialised containers could be used for COSHH storage, converted containers could be transformed into facilities, offices, you get the drift? If you think outside the box, recycled containers can be repurposed for pretty much anything.

Learned something? Probably! If you’re still unsure as to whether repurposing a shipping container is suitable for you, just give our team a call for no obligation advice, or even pop down to see us! Our site is based in Irlam, Manchester, is located very close to the M62/M60, so we’re certainly easy to find!

If you would like a friendly, honest chat about choosing the correct shipping container to suit your needs, please call the Universal team today on 0845 050 0330 or feel free to email andy@universal-containers.com