Custom built shower units 10ft long and 9ft wide with multiple uses. Ideal unit for workplaces and building sites even sports clubs. This unit was built for a steelwork company based in the north east of England for the employees to have showers after their shift before going home for the evening. Totally anti vandal unit with security doors and window guards fitted, fully lined, and insulated throughout with easy clean vinyl flooring. Each room consisted of an electrical shower and changing room bench. We also installed a simple hand wash basin in each in case anyone just wanted a quick hand wash instead of a full shower. Plug and go electrics so the unit was delivered with a 32amp blue socket for customer to simply plug into.



10ft x 9ft Corrugated Unit

2 Steel personnel doors with 10-point locking mechanisms

2 high level frosted windows in steel mesh security guards

Walls and ceiling lined in EBG boards over s CLS frame

Partition wall splitting the unit into 2 rooms

Insulated in Rockwool


Electric’s to include, lighting and heating

Electric showers

Handwash basin

Changing bench

Unit painted externally