New 20ft container chemical store conversion for a nuclear power station, we supplied them with an ATEX rated store for their chemicals, with a raised mesh floor ensuring people going inside the unit are not getting their feet into any possible spillages. We also made the shelving from steel mesh to allow any split chemicals to fall through the racking down into the bund. It was kitted out with strip lights and a tube heater is a protective mesh guard. Internally painted light grey. This unit is an excellent example of the many types of COSHH stores we produce. We can create them with or without electrics including ATEX rated and Dsear certified if required. We do these with all containers 40ft, 30ft 20ft and 10ft and if required we can custom build one to most desired sizes.





New 20ft container RAL 5010

Sub bund COSHH store

100mm steel bund just back from entrance with drainage tap

Steel flooring welded over existing hardwood container floor

Raised mesh flooring, level with top of bund

4x aluminium louver vents with anti vermin mesh

Hazard warning labels fixed to bund

ATEX zone 2 electrics to include 2 lights, and tube heater with thermostat mounted on steel plates

Electrics Dsear certified

3 tier mesh shelving