This high-end conversion was built for a sailing company in Palma Spain. They wanted a unit big enough to act as a workshop and office. So we got hold of the largest container on the market (a 45ft high cube) and kitted it out fully with multiple storage units and cupboards, high level racking units and workbenches. All the racking was made from mild steel (which we powder coated) and was topped in 27mm plywood or stainless steel. The client wanted some unusual items in the unit such as a track fitted to the ceiling which would act as a Crain, and a large carpet roll holder also into the ceiling. The unit was lined in vinyl faced plywood throughout and insulated in Rockwool as well has hard wearing vinyl flooring. In the workshop we also fitted a kitchenette with base unit draws water heater and sink. All timber worktops where stained and varnished also. The key aspect the customer required was space, so we fitted sliding pocket doors within the partition walls one was double and the other was single, these were also the same RAL colour as the benches and racking we fitted. 2 of the rooms had air conditioning units capable of heating and cooling. The project was one of universals most enjoyable projects as it had a lot of out the ordinary items and materials to fit. The project looked excellent once finished and Universal are very proud of our team for creating such a high-end job.




45ft high cube container

Internally lined in vinyl faced plywood

Polyfloor fitted throughout

Powder coated steel racking with timber or stainless-steel tops throughout

Multiple cupboards fitted

High level hanging bars

Powder coated bench fitted to cargo door to flip over one side to have a drill mounted to it and the other to have a pedestal grinder mounted to it

Partition walls with sliding pocket doors

Kitchenette fitted

Powder coated tool tray throughout

Electrics to include, lighting, Euro sockets with USB ports in dado trunking

Air conditioning into two rooms

Unit painted externally

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