This 40 foot shipping container had spent many years on our oceans was coming to the end of its shipping life.  So, we were delighted when an enquiry came in for a used container to be transformed into a bird hide for a nature reserve. The client had a tight budget so a used shipping container conversion was a good option for them. They wanted the bird hide to be 30ft long and for public use so we had the task to come up with a solution for them.

We took the 40 foot shipping container and cut it down to 30 feet. Next, we removed an entire side so that the public could access the bird hide easily. Barriers and handrails we fitted for safety and security.  Multiple viewing slots we created and these were framed in steel. The slots were carefully located at head height for the average adult with steel benches for sitting and observing as well as shelves for drinks etc.

As this unit was for public use, the client wanted it to be accessible so we created a viewing point which was suitable for wheelchair users.  This was achieved by fabricating a box extending the width of the unit in one place so that the user could gain full access to the viewing point. The box was bolt-able for transport.

This container conversion needed to be fully vandal proof as it was for use by the general public so we overlaid the timber flooring in non-slip steel chequer plate before painting the full unit in anti-corrosive container paint.



1 used 40ft container cut down to 30ft

Cargo doors removed and panels added

1 side cut out and hand rails added

Multiple view slots cut into the walls


Steel flooring throughout

Steel benches

Wheelchair accessible box

Unit painted internally and externally choice of RAL colour

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