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This new 10ft ISO shipping container was turned into a handy serving unit for an event company in London. Used as a sweet shop in a busy shopping area. They wanted a simple unit to serve its purpose. So we took a new 10ft shipping containers and created a lockable gas strut operated hatch which when up could also be used as a canopy for customers to stand under in the rain. This unit also had a kitchen worktop and electrics to power customer’s fridges etc. Finally the unit was painted externally RAL 7000 in non-corrosive container paint. Universal then arranged the delivery and safe offload of the unit in London.



New 10’ standard

Cargo doors to remain

Fit 8’ hatch operated with gas struts

Fit 2x standard work tops – one 10’ elevation & one 8’ elevation

Fit 4x double sockets, 1x light, consumer unit & external isolator

Repaint internally grey

Repaint externally RAL 7000 inc inside of hatch