2x 20ft standard container linked together and converted into a large paint store for an American company. Both units were joined via a standard doorway that a folded steel channel frame could drop over for weather tightness. This customer wanted a unit 20ft long x 16ft wide to house paint. Each unit had the sub bund floors to collect any spillages with removable grated flooring above so anyone walking in the unit’s wont step in any spilt chemicals. Each container had an anti-vandal steel personnel door for easy access as well as the original cargo doors. They also required a large manually operated roller shutter which was galvanised finished meaning they had plenty of access all around the units. Each unit also had 400×400 aluminium louver vents installed to extract any chemical gasses. Finally, the units where painted internally light grey and externally bright green then collected and made their way to the states. The customer was extremely pleased with the finished product that they have now ordered another pair.




2x 20ft Standard containers

Doorway to link the 2 on site

Both to have 8ft manual roller shutters

Both with sub bund conversions with removable grated flooring

Drainage taps

Steel personnel doors with 10-point locking mechanisms

400×400 aluminium louver vents

Steel mounting plates fitted for customer to fix electrics to

Externally painted Green

Internally painted light grey

Supply goal post to drop over doorways once linked to make them weatherproof