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Using Shipping Containers As An Alternative Space Solution | Universal Container Services LTD

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Date: April 27th 2018

Using Shipping Containers As An Alternative Space Solution

As you’ve probably gathered by now, shipping containers aren’t just shipping containers. They have quickly become incredibly versatile and more commonly these days, are considered to be an alternative space solution for domestic purposes. Of course, there are a whole bunch of alternative space solutions for commercial purposes but right now, we’re homing in on just a few of the many, many uses of shipping containers at home.

You’d probably be surprised at just how many people have bought shipping containers for around the home, mainly because they’re so cleverly and beautifully converted that you wouldn’t even recognise them for what they originally were. Space at home – for whatever purpose – can often be an issue for people but the humble shipping container has – once again – provided a solution, without the expense, time and probable stress of having to convert your home.

Shipping containers can be converted as an alternative space solution and there are loads of ways to do it, so without further a do, here are a few to get your imagination going…

Garden Shed

Sure, the wooden sheds of yesteryear kind of do what they say on the tin but unless they’re kept in tip-top condition, chances are they’ll be rotting away after a few short years of our beautiful British weather, risking damage to all that’s inside. However, a lot of people are opting to use shipping containers as an alternative these days. Our 10ft shipping containers, or even 20ft for larger containers, are secure, weather-proof, portable and super long-lasting.


A second-hand 40ft shipping container makes a brilliant, cost-effective (not to mention portable) garage. Rather than having to shell out for a brickie, a plasterer, a joiner, and everyone in between to build you a strong, secure and durable garage to store your car, a shipping container ticks all those boxes and still has room for other bits as well as your car too.


Finding the perfect office isn’t always plain, it can be a pain. Oh, and perhaps even sourcing facilities within proximity of your home is just unachievable. Why not consider a shipping container conversion as an alternative working space – somewhere you can totally personalise and receive visitors.


We have absolutely no doubt in our minds that your home is overflowing with, well, stuff. You’ve got cupboards and loft spaces fit to bursting and you’re not entirely sure you want to palm off your goods to the storage facility 30 miles away and we get that. This is why a lot of people buy shipping containers as a storage option, especially because their size means that you could fill them up with all sorts of furniture and still have room for more should it be needed. The best thing is, if you’re ever at a point where you think “we don’t need this anymore”, containers are super easy to sell too. Win, win!

Play Area

Of course, it’s lovely to let the kids out to play in the street or where ever, but ideally, you’d prefer the nippers to have their own secure space where they can play and have fun whilst you’ve got peace of mind of where they are and what they’re doing. Totally secure and weatherproof, a shipping container can quickly make a fab den for children to enjoy having their own special space and where parents can feel comforted that their little ones are safe.

Man Cave

Need we say more?

Some pretty neat ideas, right? Well, we certainly think so. If you’d like to find out more about our shipping containers for hire or sale, give us a call, drop us a line or check out of website if you’d prefer to do your own homework. Oh and don’t worry, if you’ve got an out-of-this-world conversion idea, we’ll keep schtum. 

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Date: April 24th 2018

Staff Spotlight: Charles Eyles

Here at Universal Containers, we’re all in it for the long run. Of course, providing top quality services and products to our customers is always at the forefront of our minds, but to do so, we need to ensure that we’ve got the right team to do just that.

We’re all about creating career opportunities for hard working individuals in as many areas of our business as we can, no matter what level of experience. If there is room to learn and develop within our industry, we want to be able to offer people that chance to not only get their foot in the door, but to master a skill or trade too.

With this in mind, we decided to look into hiring an apprentice. Not just anyone, but a young person with a strong student mentality, a positive attitude and a great work ethic, to teach, train and more importantly, give them the tools they need to succeed in our industry.

Meet Charles Eyles.

That’s right! After little deliberation (because we knew it was the right thing to do), we have invested in the youth of today by hiring a new apprentice!

We are helping Charles to kick off his career with an apprenticeship in the container sales / conversion industry. The apprenticeship scheme will help him to learn key skills within the office environment and gain knowledge that future employers want and need.

Let’s all wish Charles the very best with our help… we think the future is bright!

Staff | Universal Container Services LTD

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Date: March 17th 2018

Staff Spotlight: Shaun McWilliams

Everyone here at Universal containers would like to extend a big warm welcome to our latest recruit, Shaun McWilliams. He will be joining our CAD team and we spent 5 minutes with him to get to know him a little more: 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you to Universal Containers?

I’m a 24 year old lad who enjoys all sorts of things such as football and rugby and love keeping active. However, things I look forward to most is going out socialising with friends and family. Since leaving school in 2009 I took on an apprenticeship in fabrication and welding for a company in Warrington and worked there for the last 8 years. In this time I believe I mastered my role there and learned all there was to know. This is the reason I decided to jump ship and try my hand at something else. So when I applied for a role at Universal Containers I was offered a job as a Projects and CAD Engineer I had to grab it with both hands. This seemed right for me as I recently completed a HNC in manufacturing where I learnt a variety of subjects including: CAD, planning and many more.

What is your role here at Universal Containers? 

My role here is to produce CAD drawings for clients to give them an idea of what they could achieve as a finished product. Additionally, I produce technical drawings to give information to our tradesman on particular specifications of jobs. I have also been involved in doing quotations for customers.

From your first impression how does Universal Containers compare to your previous workplaces?

In comparison to my old place my first impressions of universal containers were basically “WOW!”  for many reasons. I couldn’t believe the size of the company and the land it’s situated on.  Most of all, I didn’t realise how much could be done with a shipping container in terms of conversions; it was a huge surprise to me how many possibilities there was with these simple boxes. The thought that anything could be done with them is definitely what has interested me the most.

What are you looking forward to most about working here? 

The thing I’m looking forward to most is the new challenge the move brings. As I will work extremely hard to be the best I can possibly be, and the challenge of becoming this is what excites me and drives me most.

What are you enjoying most so far? 

So far I’m enjoying learning the ins and outs of this great company and getting to know my new colleagues who have helped me settle in brilliantly.

What is it like having, LinkedIn famous, Andrew Rushton as a boss?

It’s brilliant to have bosses (such as George Woolley) as it’s fantastic to see and hear about his success caused by hard work and dedication. Also, Andy Rushton as he has expanded the company virally and become a LinkedIn celebrity. I believe there is a lot I can learn from these people as well as many others here. I consider myself lucky to be around people who I can look up to and are willing to teach me everything about the industry.

 Do you have any secret party tricks? 

I’d say my party trick is doing impressions extremely badly, so bad that it is funny to hear apparently!

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years at Universal Containers?

Hopefully in 5 years at Universal I hope to have to become a competent, knowledgeable member of staff who has become an asset to the company.

 We all can not wait to work with Shaun and are looking forward to the future with him

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Date: February 5th 2018

Staff Spotlight: George Woolley

Introducing Universal Containers’ Managing Director, George Woolley…

When did you start Universal Containers and how did the business start out?

Business was established back in the mid-70s which I took full control in  2003 after working as a container repairer/depot manager since 1983.

Have you always been in the Shipping Containers industry?

I spent 2 x years as an apprentice Butcher with the Co-op Foods the rest within the container industry.

Where does your passion for the industry come from?

My Passion evolves back from my early days as an apprentice, as I was inspired and mind filled with how a metal box can be transformed into all types of everyday usages.

What has been your most memorable moment at Universal Containers?

My most memorable point being with USC Ltd was when the company  purchased the 6 acre site where we currently sitting on  back in May 2015 ( no more landlords and rent to pay!)

Where do you see the business in 5 years time?

I can see the business doubling in size as there is a huge potential for container conversions which amazes me every time I see a new concept that has just been created.

What do you think has led to Universal Containers success?

Our success is based on selling good quality products by our loyal experienced staff along with our excellent customer services from start to finish of every completed order no matter on how big or small that maybe.

What has been the funniest thing to happen to anyone while at Universal Containers?

One of the funniest things would have been our works Christmas party back in the 90s.  We had laid out on each table fake lottery tickets along with all the Christmas silverware and cutlery. When the interval was announced everybody was asked to scratch their lottery tickets. One particular member of staff, Mr Kenneth Reid  ( Stacker Driver )  was set up with this gag, jumped up with joy, hands raised in the air, got up on the dance floor with some of his family members thinking he had won 20k (I wish!)

Staff | Universal Container Services LTD

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Date: January 17th 2018

Staff Spotlight: Andrew Rushton

Introducing our Research & Development Manager, Andrew Rushton…

Universal Containers have certainly come up with some interesting container conversions recently, does the company have any new concepts up its sleeve?

We always try to develop new concepts and designs to keep things fresh, we have a great project launching in early February which I have been working on for a long time. It’s something I have had in my mind for many years. Make sure you keep an eye on our social media accounts for the launch, it is not to be missed and the conversion is going to appeal to so many people. We are all very excited.

Describe your role in the company?

My official job tittle is Research & Development Manager – Which involves Heading up our amazing Sales Division, New Developments and Designs, Overseeing all of our office staff, work planning and marketing.

What is it about your job that you enjoy the most?

The thing I have always liked the most about my job is the variety of custom conversions, it always amazes me the amount of bespoke uses a shipping container can be converted into from a simple office, canteen, meeting room or even drying rooms. I also love working on the more complex designs such as modular units, offices, housing, medical, laboratories, biomass and chemical storage units. The possibilities really are endless I have always said shipping containers are just like Lego for grown-ups.

Where do you want to take the business in the next five years?

The business is exactly where I wanted it to be, we have tried over the last 10 years to offer as many containerised services as possible such as container sales, container hire, self-storage, container conversions, container repair (on-site or off-site), container parts and cabin buildings. I am sure over the next 10 years the company will continue to grow in size and success.

What has been your most memorable moment while at universal?

I would have to say when we launched the universal containers coffee shop, the response we had worldwide was amazing. I knew a lot of people would be interested in the design but it did even better than I could have imagined. We had over 1.7 million views in just four weeks and thousands of emails. We could not have predicated such a huge response and just wanted to thank everyone for getting in touch about the coffee shops we are looking forward to getting to work on these conversions.

What would be your dream container conversion?

I can’t tell you what my dream container conversion would be, as you can imagine I have to keep my cards close to my chest. But what I will say is it’s certainly amazing and hopefully will be coming soon.

As an established member of the team, what do you think the secret to Universal Containers’ success is?

The secret to Universal Containers Services success is simple, everything we do is customer focused. From the first moment we receive an enquiry, to the day the container is delivered.

We strive to fulfil customer expectations, a customer may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Hidden talents? I have many, but my best unknown talent has to be that I am an amazing juggler. I juggle everything from clubs, balls and even knives. I spent a lot of time when I was younger mastering the art form which I have continued to this day. I have a saying in the office, life is a struggle, if you can’t juggle. Juggling is all about learning and remembering patterns, I normally juggle for 10 minutes every morning before I set off to work, I find it a good way to start the day and to keep the mind fresh.