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Date: September 1st 2022

Security Alert – Please Read

We have been made aware that our website has been cloned elsewhere on the internet. Further to this, there are people posing as Universal Containers staff, trying to sell shipping containers to unsuspecting customers via email and telephone. These people do not in any way represent our company, they are attempting to scam money using our brand identity and reputation.

If you suspect that you may have received an email, phone call, quote or invoice from anyone claiming to be from Universal Containers, or if you are uncertain as to whether your dealings with Universal Containers are genuine, please call us on 0161 775 3217 to verify.

If you believe you may have been a victim of this or any other online scam, please contact Action Fraud via their website

We are currently working with our Web Agency, the National Cyber Security Centre and the Police to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and we appreciate your support at this time.

At Universal Containers, we pride ourselves on the reputation we have built during almost 40 years in the Shipping Container industry. Be assured you can still trust that reputation, but please call us if you think you may have been contacted by these cyber criminals.

Thank you.

Accessible Living with Shipping Containers| Universal Container Services LTD

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Date: July 22nd 2019

Accessible Living with Shipping Containers

In an era where roughly 20% of the country lives with some form of disability, it’s difficult to imagine that many of these people do not live in suitable housing. Universal Containers are proud to announce that we have produced a model home for Blackwood – a company who specialise in providing specialist housing and care.

This fully furnished unit demonstrates the high-end finishes that we produce in addition to the versatility of shipping containers. The Blackwood Project features a professionally fitted and adjustable bathroom and kitchen, which allows for an adaptable home that can be suited to anybody. Not only does this space encourage independent living, it also promotes connectivity to the outside world via WiFi and the integration of the CleverCogs system. An intelligent, futuristic home is something we all dream of. However, a home like this is highly beneficial to those wishing to live a full, self-sustaining life. From the unit’s aluminium access ramp to a sliding door for easy access, the Blackwood Project was created with accessibility as a priority.

container conversion

Blackwood wanted to ensure that owners of their properties could live safely and securely, without the need for residential care and also believe strongly that those with disabilities have the most to gain from technological advancements- as even a wheelchair can be seen as technology. In creating the Blackwood model, we aim to aid Blackwood in bringing more awareness to the lack of adapted homes across the country and showcase the modern standard for these homes.

The Blackwood Project’s kitchen features worktops, units, an oven, a hob, a sink and an extractor fan. Additionally, the bathroom is fitted with a sink, toilet, shower and a shower chair. As previously mentioned, all of these units are adjustable and can be moved wirelessly to accommodate to the owners needs and preferences. Furthermore, the Blackwood unit consists of 6 rooms; an entrance, bedroom, study, bathroom, kitchen, and an open plan living/dining room, providing a spacious, easy to use home. This space also includes glazed windows all around the unit, allowing for vast amounts of natural lighting. The Blackwood model also has fitted high-end spotlights and electronically operated blinds for the night or in case natural lighting isn’t quite your thing.

container conversion

Here at Universal Containers, we share the values of Blackwood, ensuring great value and even better quality for our customers. We believe that the use of the Blackwood model will draw attention to and encourage people to buy innovative adapted homes that are not just suitable to them, but enjoyable to live in.

Shipping Container News: December | Universal Container Services LTD

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Date: December 7th 2018

Shipping Container News: December

Bongo’s Bingo founder plans Baltic shipping container leisure complex

Shipping Container News December

The co-founder of Bongo’s Bingo, Joshua Burke, wants to use repurposed shipping containers to open a leisure and entertainment facility in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool, and plans have already been submitted to Liverpool City Council for consideration.

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Shipping Container Homes You Can Buy on eBay for £70K or Less

Shipping Container News December

The worldwide trend in ‘living large’ is fast becoming a thing of the past as more and more people are choosing shipping container conversions as homes, selecting minimalism over materialism. In fact, did you know that people are actually selling these homes on eBay for £70,000?

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Shipping container converted into porters’ lodge for Cambridge University college

Shipping Container News December

Cambridge University has a brand new reception building to function as a porter’s lodge. This building will provide a reception area for visitors and an office for university porters. It’s been built from a repurposed shipping container.

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How shipping containers are transforming Yorkshire gardens

Designer and creative upcycler Max McMurdo brought shipping containers into the public consciousness in 2012 when he featured on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces. Max converted an old container into a home office, adding a great deal of style, as viewers looked on and agreed it was a brilliant idea.

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Jax company turning shipping containers into cell tower tools

Shipping Container News

Jacksonville-based Modular Life Solutions hopes to deploy its modified shipping containers to thousands of mobile phone towers across the country, providing servers, communications equipment, routers, caching infrastructure and more to the front lines of data processing.

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Freight farm to grow vegetables for Detroit homeless

Shipping Container News

40-foot shipping container has been repurposed and completely transformed into a full-scale freight farm. The repurposed container will be use to grow vegetables for over 700,000 meals served to those in need.

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Shipping Container News: November | Universal Container Services LTD

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Date: November 19th 2018

Shipping Container News: November

Shipping containers aren’t just shipping containers anymore. They are used by all sorts of different people and businesses, for a multitude of different domestic and commercial purposes, to solve so many problems. From converting containers into affordable housing to tackle homelessness, to repurposing containers to create exciting new retails venues, containers are always making headlines across the world!

Here are some of the top shipping container news headlines from November

Scottish mystery buyer snaps up SHIPPING CONTAINER home in countryside after couple who fled rat-race sell up

Shipping Container Conversion

Image Source: The Scottish Sun

Denver firefighter uses 9 shipping containers to build a stunning family home

Shipping Container News

Image Source: Inhabitat

Starbucks opened a sustainable store in Taiwan that’s built from recycled shipping containers and it looks super modern

Starbucks Shipping Containers

Image Source: Business Insider

RSPCA care for gecko found in shipping container from China

RSPCA Shipping Container

Image Source: Somerset County Gazette

LOT-EK uses 140 shipping containers to build residential community in Johannesburg

Shipping Container Housing

Image Source: Design Boom

Middlesbrough shipping container used as clothes bank

Shipping Container Housing

Image Source: BBC

Camden Students Transform Empty Shipping Container Into Office

Image Source: CBS Local

How this old shipping container in Almondsbury has been transformed

Image Source: Bristol Post

WEDEW turns air into drinking water by creating artificial clouds in shipping container

Shipping Container Conversion

Image Source: Dezeen

Don’t forget that we’re especially skilled in container conversions, in addition to offering containers for hire and self-storage facilities in the North West of Manchester. If you’re thinking of using a shipping container for an upcoming project, feel free to call our team for friendly, no obligation advice!

If you would like to know more about using and repurposing container conversions, please call the Universal team today on 0845 050 0330 or feel free to email

Advertise With Universal Containers | Universal Container Services LTD

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Date: April 11th 2018

Advertise With Universal Containers

Wanna to make your mark on potential customers? 

Of course you do! 

The team at Universal Containers are thrilled to announce that we have an extremely exciting new advertising opportunity to offer to businesses across, well, the country!

Our brand new, state-of-the-art, LED billboard might be just what you’re looking for!

We offer a variety of different advertising packages to suit businesses of all sizes. Have you got an upcoming promotion you’d like to share with the good people of the North West? Perhaps you’ve got some seasonal news to share? Maybe you’d just like to offer Mancunians and other alike a gentle reminder that you’re the go-to business for what you do? Whatever the reason you’re considering to advertise with us, we’ll ensure that your advert fits the bill… board. See what we did there?

Why advertise with us?

  • The LED screen is ideally located, looking onto the A57 in Manchester. This is an incredibly busy route, so the good news is that THOUSANDS of potential customers will drive past and see your advertisement EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  • Not sure how you want your advert to look? No worries! If you don’t already have a design – or designer for that matter – we have a professional Graphic Designer who can work to your brief to create your ideal advertisement for a low cost.
  • You can choose from several different options for your advertisement, including the length of your placement and the number of placements (this is always dependent on how many other advertisers are using the space at the time)

Good idea, right?

If you’re interested in advertising on our brand new LED billboard, just give us a call or drop us a line to secure your advertising space today.