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Double Door “Tunnel” Containers are the ideal solution for dual entry

Use for a variety of storage applications, as well as the occasional specialised export use.

Double Door Containers have two sets of double cargo doors on both ends, as opposed to just double doors on one end only. This means that the container – with two points of entry – creates a tunnel and offers additional access for the storage and transport of vehicles, machinery and bulky items. Double Door Containers are used for a simple, cost-effective storage solution of it is used for the transit of goods via road, rail or sea.

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At Universal Containers, we are pleased to offer Double Door Container in a range of different specifications so that you have more options to choose from, however if you would like to request a bespoke sized for your Double Door Container, the Universal Containers team also offer Special Sized Containers which can be cut and fabricated to match your specification.

For convenience and security, both sets of cargo doors on your Double Door Container have identical locking assembly in addition to weather-tight doors that work to keep your items – whatever they may be – safe, secure and protected from the elements. If you are looking to purchase or enquire about a bespoke size Double Door Container, please feel free to call our team on 0845 050 0330 for no obligation advice and a personalised quotation.

Double Door Containers For Sale & Hire

We convert many double door containers into things such as boiler rooms, garages and COSHH chemical stores.

If you are looking for further customisation to your Double Door Container, we offer a vast range of parts, accessories and conversion options, such as doors, windows, and internal/external cosmetic improvements. We’ve completed thousands of bespoke Double Door Container conversion so if you’re unsure as to which options may suit your needs best, please contact our team for advice.

In addition to this, Double Door Containers are often the first choice for self-storage yards. Many customers commonly add a partition to the middle of a 20ft or 40ft Double Door Container – as a result, transforming the single container into 2 x 10ft or 2 x 20ft single storage facilities.

Double Door Containers are also suitable for a varying range of both domestic and commercial uses.

With double doors at each end, they are ideal for storing pallets or boxes as it means the hardest to reach items are never too far away. You can also use the tunnel to help rotate goods in storage safely and efficiently. Large items and vehicles, such as machinery and diggers, are commonly stored using Double Door Containers. The additional points of access on a Double Door Container mean that your container offers a multi-purpose storage and transit solution to commercial vendors across the country.

Generally, the main domestic use of Double Door Containers is for storage. They are ideal for  the storage of large items that require two-sided access, and they are much cheaper than side-opening units.

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