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Additional Access. More Options.

Solve many storage and shipping issues that come with using conventional containers, simply by altering the point of access.

Full side access containers – with two sets of bi-folding doors along the longest side of your container (in addition to the standard 8ft double doors at each end) – offer additional access points to your container, meaning that you’ve more options as to the location of your container and how you are able to access the interior. This, in itself, makes the process of entering your container and loading/unloading easier and more efficient.

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Standard containers are accessed via 8ft wide double doors at one end (or both ends) of the container, which can certainly make loading and unloading a difficult task under many circumstances. This also means that the unit itself has to be sited with the narrow end pointing in the direction of loading/unloading, which can pose a problem if you are faced with a restrictive location.

No need to bring your things out through the small end door just to access that one item at the back, when you can open the entire side up completely! Hassle-free and time saving, and with plenty of room to drive a fork lift inside if necessary, Full Side Access Containers are the best for storage and side loading and fully suitable to both domestic and commercial use.

Universal Containers are pleased to offer varying size options for Full Side Access Containers, including 20ft and 40ft containers, however if you are unsure as to which container would suits your needs best, please feel free to call us for no obligation advice.

Full Side Access Containers For Sale & Hire

Due to the fact that Full Side Access Containers come fully equipped with 8ft double doors at either end in addition to double doors along the longest side of the container, they are highly suited to bespoke conversion projects or the storage of large, bulkier items.

We’ve found that our Full Side Access Containers do in fact have some common uses, including but not limited to:

Pop-up bars and restaurants, exhibition stands, music performance venues, ticket sales offices, marketing suites, tourist information offices, vehicle storage, & environmental hot boxes.

Thanks to their clever design, allowing sufficient access down the longest side in addition to both ends, Full Side Access Containers are an incredibly popular choice for conversion. If you are looking to create a bespoke conversion from a Full Side Access Container, we can certainly help.

Having specialised in individually tailored shipping container conversions for many years, we are confident that we can design and build your ideal container conversion to offer full side access along with a vast range of other parts, cosmetic improvements and accessories, in addition to standard features such as electrics, lighting, flooring, windows and doors.

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With over thirty years’ experience serving the shipping industry with container storage facilities and maintenance services, in addition to providing quality new and used storage and custom-built site accommodation to the trade and public, we are confident we will be able to fulfil your requirements with economical quality products and service.

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