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Security Alert – Please Read

Date: September 1st 2022

We have been made aware that our website has been cloned elsewhere on the internet. Further to this, there are people posing as Universal Containers staff, trying to sell shipping containers to unsuspecting customers via email and telephone. These people do not in any way represent our company, they are attempting to scam money using […]
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Dropside Shipping Container Conversion | Universal Container Services Ltd

Dropside Shipping Container Conversion

Date: August 28th 2022

Universal Containers take pride in continually pushing the boundaries in product development within the shipping container industry.  We are dedicated to researching and developing new techniques within our sector in order to provide our customers with products not only for today, but also the future. With the well-documented decline of our high streets and the […]
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The Ready Made Shipping Container Conversion | Universal Container Services LTD

The Ready Made Shipping Container Conversion

Date: August 11th 2022

We frequently advertise shipping containers as being a versatile means of creating the space you need for anything from storage to retail and even living space. Container conversions can be a great, flexible means to creating office space, cafes, pop-up shops and more.  As we always point out, the biggest limitation is your imagination!  That […]
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Are Shipping Containers the Solution to Homelessness? | Universal Container Services LTD

Are Shipping Containers the Solution to Homelessness?

Date: June 1st 2022

Within today’s economic climate, many of us face struggles surrounding our finances. However, the majority of England’s population are able to successfully get by, either with no external assistance or with the help of food banks and similar. Homelessness across the globe is a real social crisis that needs solving. Since 2010, estimates show that […]
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Accessible Living with Shipping Containers| Universal Container Services LTD

Accessible Living with Shipping Containers

Date: July 22nd 2019

In an era where roughly 20% of the country lives with some form of disability, it’s difficult to imagine that many of these people do not live in suitable housing. Universal Containers are proud to announce that we have produced a model home for Blackwood – a company who specialise in providing specialist housing and […]
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