Anti-Vandal Cabins

Over the last 20 years, we have developed our Anti-Vandal Cabins to be some of the most secure on the market. Our all-steel range of Anti Vandal Cabins is both strong enough and tough enough to discourage even the most determined criminals.

Is a strong and secure Anti-Vandal Cabin your top priority?

The Anti Vandal cabins are manufactured to an all-steel design and come complete with an integral locking system, steel window shutters and 10 points locking door, creating a robust frame that will deter the most skilled thief or vandal.

Our Anti Vandal cabins are available in a variety of sizes and can come fitted with electric heating and lighting, power sockets and have a vinyl poly floor covering as standard. There is also a further range of features available to ensure that your anti-vandal cabin fully meets your needs. As part of the Anti Vandal range, we even offer an eco-friendly option.

We have the added bonus of an in-house CAD team that can help plan your anti-vandal cabin from scratch without the need for you to provide your own drawings. Make sure to check out our range of standard and specialist anti-vandal cabins below and get in touch with us here if you have any questions about our range of standard and bespoke anti-vandal cabins.

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