Biomass Boiler Storage Containers

We can build secure, vandal-proof containers for your commercial or domestic biomass boiler, keeping it accessible and safe in a weatherproof and condensation-free environment.

Store your biomass boiler, equipment, and fuel in an affordable, sturdy structure that doesn’t need planning permission or a big budget. Shipping containers are available in multiple sizes for different sized boilers and fuel stores, and come complete with an accessible door for you and your staff to refuel and maintain the boiler. Your container can even include a sliding roof for easy loading from above.

  • Made from Corten Steel (COR-TEN)
  • Floor crafted from Marine Grade Plywood (27mm thick)
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Government grants often available
  • Windproof and watertight
  • Storage space for boilers and fuel
  • High-security doors
  • Accessible door for staff
  • Ventilation
  • ForkLift pockets/slots
  • Multiple lasing points
  • New containers available in green (RAL6007) or blue (RAL5010 or RAL5013)
  • Used containers can be painted any RAL colour requested


Conversions and customisations available:

  • Lining and insulation (plywood, melamine boarding, food grade and medical grade materials)
  • Sliding roof
  • Condensation prevention installation
  • Security padlocks with multiple keys
  • Electrics, heating, and lighting installation
  • Add your business’ branding
  • Doors, windows, and skylights
  • Finishes and colours
  • Any bespoke fabrication required

Install and store your biomass boiler for less

The government’s Renewable Heating Incentive Scheme (RHI) means more and more businesses like yours are installing renewable biomass boilers for less. They can heat large buildings with lower carbon emissions and greater sustainability. Instead of using valuable space on-site or building expensive extensions, a shipping container storage solution is a purpose-built, dedicated space that’s vandalism-proof, free from dampness and condensation, and accessible when you need it to be.

Automatic re-fuelling

Most biomass boilers run on wood chips or pellets. Your container can include a fuel store that’s directly connected to the boiler room, feeding the wood fuel through automatically. Installing a sliding roof also means new fuel can be loaded from above directly from a delivery lorry or van. Your staff will only need to access the container and boiler to empty the ash and provide general maintenance.

A vandal-proof structure

Storing a valuable piece of equipment outside your main building doesn’t have to come with risk. Your shipping container will include high-security steel doors which can be padlocked, a factory-fitted lockbox, a tough Corten steel construction, and the option to install extra security measures.

Need something specific? We’ve been building bespoke containers for 40 years. We can design and fabricate any bespoke specification for your new or used container. Contact our team with your needs and requirements and we’ll make it a reality.

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