Catering & Hospitality

This is the ultimate blank canvas for a hospitality business. Shipping containers can be set up virtually anywhere, complete with quality kitchen and bar facilities, seating, heating, electrics, and even resprayed with your branding and colours.

Our team will work closely with you to customise your container and make it entirely your own, and then our engineers will install all your catering equipment and interior features safely and quickly.

  • Made from Corten Steel (COR-TEN)
  • Floor crafted from Marine Grade Plywood (27mm thick)
  • Windproof and watertight
  • Durable worktops and counters
  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • CE compliant electrics
  • ForkLift pockets/slots
  • Multiple lasing points
  • New containers are available in green (RAL6007) or blue (RAL5010 or RAL5013)
  • Used containers can be painted any RAL colour requested

Conversions and customisations available:

  • Lining and insulation (plywood, melamine boarding, food-grade and medical-grade materials)
  • Storage and shelving
  • Seating and tables
  • Bar and kitchen facilities
  • Condensation prevention installation
  • Security padlocks with multiple keys
  • Electrics, heating, and lighting installation
  • Add your business’ branding
  • Gas strut operated fitted hatches
  • Manual and automatically operated roller shutters
  • Doors, windows, and skylights
  • Finishes and colours
  • Any bespoke fabrication required

Create your dream catering and hospitality space

We work closely with businesses to build their dream space using the flexibility and versatility of shipping containers. We can create small and compact catering containers that make the most of available space and still let in lots of light, as well as large spaces with room for every kind of catering equipment you can think of, as well as everything in-between.

High-security features

Keep your space securely locked while you’re not using it. Your equipment and supplies will be protected by high-security steel doors and a padlock. You can also install steel hatches and roller shutters, have out-of-use doors welded shut, and include security lights and alarms.

Add your branding

Make the space entirely your own with a resprayed exterior, the opportunity to plaster your branding on the side, and ensure your container stands out in any setting.

Need something specific? We’ve been building bespoke containers for 40 years. We can design and fabricate any bespoke specification for your new or used container. Contact our team with your needs and requirements and we’ll make it a reality.

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