Damp & Condensation Treatments

We can provide a range of anti-condensation treatments to keep your container and its contents dry, protected, and away from the elements.

Options available:

  • Graffo Therm spray
  • Bone Dry Damp Sticks
  • Thermo Foil insulation

We can insulate or treat your container with a variety of anti-damp and anti-condensation measures which will stop outside moisture, weather, and temperature changes from having an impact on the interior. That means no musty damp smells, contents that stay dry, and comfortable working environments.

Graffo Therm condensation prevention spray can be applied to the roof of your container and control dripping up to 1-litre per ㎡, reduce the noise of wind and rain, and also provide efficient thermal insulation.

We can also provide Bone Dry Damp Sticks, which fit between container corrugations and collect up to 2 litres of moisture before they need to be emptied. Damp Sticks use a one-way membrane, preventing moisture from escaping, and can successfully keep moisture away from a variety of materials, including textiles and electronics.

Our most reliable, long-term anti-condensation treatment is the installation of energy-saving Thermo Foil, multi-layered aluminium insulation which holds heat inside the container, deflects cold from outside, and prevents moisture and condensation from building up inside the container. It’s easy to install, cost-effective, and can dramatically reduce your heating costs too.

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