Stacking Twist Locks

Securely stack and lock containers on top of each other with galvanised steel stacking twist locks.

  • Secure containers together while stacking
  • Prevents stacked containers from moving or sliding
  • High quality steel construction
  • Galvanised finish
  • 50-tonne breaking load
  • Complies with all relevant health and safety requirements

If you’re shipping stacked containers or stacking containers on your site, it’s essential that they’re secured in place to prevent moving or sliding. Stacking twist locks are fabricated for security and accessibility, with high-quality steel construction and a galvanised finish for long-lasting strength and durability. Your twist locks will have a 50-tonne breaking load and will comply with all health and safety requirements, so you can stack, store, and ship with confidence.

While locked, your containers will withstand any high winds, natural movement, or tampering. Locking and unlocking is easy, giving you the ability to engage or disengage two containers tied together when you need to disconnect them. This is an essential accessory on-site and in transit.

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