Categories: Container Conversions

Date: July 17th 2021

High Cube 24ftx20ft Store

Large storage unit created from custom-built corrugated high cube cabins, each unit 24ft long x 10ft wide to create a 24ft x 20ft unit on site. The units were linked by a goal post weather tightening system which is a quick and easy cost-effective way of linking containers provided the units have small openings. These are a brilliant way to link containers especially if they are being moved around a lot from site to site as they are simple to assemble and dismantle as opposed to welding cabins together. These two storage units are being used on building site up and down the country for a bricklaying company. Internally lined in plywood and insulated in rockwool and 18mm plywood floor installed. Using high cube wall panels giving our customer an extra foot in height compared to a standard size cabin, we also installed a set of high cube container doors to each cabin with steel lock boxes to ensure the containers were vandal proof. Externally painted in blue and delivered to the first site by Universal to demonstrate to our customer how the goal post system worked. The client was so please with these they asked us to build another 3 sets of them to expand their fleet.


  • 2x custom built high cube corrugated cabins both 24ft x 10ft
  • Both 2 be linked on site via 2 walkway apertures with goalpost system
  • Both to have large high cube 8ft wide shipping container doors
  • Internally both units 9mm plywood lined and insulated in 50mm Rockwool over a CLS timber frame
  • Insulated in 50mm Rockwool
  • Both externally painted your choice of single RAL colour
  • Delivered and linked together on site