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Date: November 19th 2018

Shipping Container News: November

Shipping containers aren’t just shipping containers anymore. They are used by all sorts of different people and businesses, for a multitude of different domestic and commercial purposes, to solve so many problems. From converting containers into affordable housing to tackle homelessness, to repurposing containers to create exciting new retails venues, containers are always making headlines across the world!

Here are some of the top shipping container news headlines from November

Scottish mystery buyer snaps up SHIPPING CONTAINER home in countryside after couple who fled rat-race sell up

Shipping Container Conversion

Image Source: The Scottish Sun

Denver firefighter uses 9 shipping containers to build a stunning family home

Shipping Container News

Image Source: Inhabitat

Starbucks opened a sustainable store in Taiwan that’s built from recycled shipping containers and it looks super modern

Starbucks Shipping Containers

Image Source: Business Insider

RSPCA care for gecko found in shipping container from China

RSPCA Shipping Container

Image Source: Somerset County Gazette

LOT-EK uses 140 shipping containers to build residential community in Johannesburg

Shipping Container Housing

Image Source: Design Boom

Middlesbrough shipping container used as clothes bank

Shipping Container Housing

Image Source: BBC

Camden Students Transform Empty Shipping Container Into Office

Image Source: CBS Local

How this old shipping container in Almondsbury has been transformed

Image Source: Bristol Post

WEDEW turns air into drinking water by creating artificial clouds in shipping container

Shipping Container Conversion

Image Source: Dezeen

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