Hire or buy specialised shipping containers

We design and customise cost and space-saving shipping containers for site accommodation, shipping, and storage. Whatever you need it for, we can build it.

Our specialised shipping containers are designed to store and ship difficult, bulky, and fragile loads, from hazardous chemicals to farm machinery. Whatever you need to ship, we can provide the right container for it, minimising loss, shipping delays, and the potential for damage.

We can also provide made-to-order site accommodation and office spaces, custom designed for your specific needs from new and used containers. With endless customisations to choose from, you can make the space functional and practical for your business, your staff, and their many different needs.

Specialised Containers Available

High Cube Containers

With an extra foot of space available, high cube containers are an efficient storage solution for tall and bulky loads or anything that can’t be stored in a standard container.

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Tunnel Containers

Tunnel containers include double cargo doors at both ends for full access. The dual entry design makes these containers ideal for storing bulky items, including vehicles, machinery, and heavy equipment.

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Full Side Access Containers

Our full side containers open out on the longest side with two sets of bi-folding doors, giving you and your staff full access to whatever you’re storing or using the container for.

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COSHH Chemical Storage

Store and transport hazardous chemicals safely and securely with a vandal-proof, COSHH approved shipping container. Your contents will be kept in a fire-resistant, leak-proof and frost-free environment that meets all health and safety requirements.

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Refrigerated Containers

Keep storage items fresh and cool with a refrigerated shipping container designed specifically for perishable goods.

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Open Top Containers

Our open top containers are specifically designed for safe shipping and export, complete with a removable hard or soft roof for easy access from above.

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Flat Rack Containers

Transport large machinery and vehicles that don’t fit in a conventional container. Our flat rack containers have no roof or long sides so you can load with a crane and ship even the heaviest loads

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Office Containers

Get to work fast with a flexible and versatile shipping container office. We can convert any container from an empty shell into a comfortable and connected workspace.

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Site Accommodation

Office units, canteens, changing and drying rooms, toilet blocks, and more. Our site cabins are robust, secure, and flexible, making them an ideal solution for site accommodation.

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Anti-Vandal Cabins

Over the last 20 years, we have developed our Anti-Vandal Cabins to be some of the most secure on the market.

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Insulated Shipping Containers

We can insulate any new or used container in any size to keep condensation and damp away from your contents.

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