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Date: February 5th 2018

Staff Spotlight: George Woolley

Introducing Universal Containers’ Managing Director, George Woolley…

When did you start Universal Containers and how did the business start out?

Business was established back in the mid-70s which I took full control in  2003 after working as a container repairer/depot manager since 1983.

Have you always been in the Shipping Containers industry?

I spent 2 x years as an apprentice Butcher with the Co-op Foods the rest within the container industry.

Where does your passion for the industry come from?

My Passion evolves back from my early days as an apprentice, as I was inspired and mind filled with how a metal box can be transformed into all types of everyday usages.

What has been your most memorable moment at Universal Containers?

My most memorable point being with USC Ltd was when the company  purchased the 6 acre site where we currently sitting on  back in May 2015 ( no more landlords and rent to pay!)

Where do you see the business in 5 years time?

I can see the business doubling in size as there is a huge potential for container conversions which amazes me every time I see a new concept that has just been created.

What do you think has led to Universal Containers success?

Our success is based on selling good quality products by our loyal experienced staff along with our excellent customer services from start to finish of every completed order no matter on how big or small that maybe.

What has been the funniest thing to happen to anyone while at Universal Containers?

One of the funniest things would have been our works Christmas party back in the 90s.  We had laid out on each table fake lottery tickets along with all the Christmas silverware and cutlery. When the interval was announced everybody was asked to scratch their lottery tickets. One particular member of staff, Mr Kenneth Reid  ( Stacker Driver )  was set up with this gag, jumped up with joy, hands raised in the air, got up on the dance floor with some of his family members thinking he had won 20k (I wish!)