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Date: March 17th 2018

Staff Spotlight: Shaun McWilliams

Everyone here at Universal containers would like to extend a big warm welcome to our latest recruit, Shaun McWilliams. He will be joining our CAD team and we spent 5 minutes with him to get to know him a little more: 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you to Universal Containers?

I’m a 24 year old lad who enjoys all sorts of things such as football and rugby and love keeping active. However, things I look forward to most is going out socialising with friends and family. Since leaving school in 2009 I took on an apprenticeship in fabrication and welding for a company in Warrington and worked there for the last 8 years. In this time I believe I mastered my role there and learned all there was to know. This is the reason I decided to jump ship and try my hand at something else. So when I applied for a role at Universal Containers I was offered a job as a Projects and CAD Engineer I had to grab it with both hands. This seemed right for me as I recently completed a HNC in manufacturing where I learnt a variety of subjects including: CAD, planning and many more.

What is your role here at Universal Containers? 

My role here is to produce CAD drawings for clients to give them an idea of what they could achieve as a finished product. Additionally, I produce technical drawings to give information to our tradesman on particular specifications of jobs. I have also been involved in doing quotations for customers.

From your first impression how does Universal Containers compare to your previous workplaces?

In comparison to my old place my first impressions of universal containers were basically “WOW!”  for many reasons. I couldn’t believe the size of the company and the land it’s situated on.  Most of all, I didn’t realise how much could be done with a shipping container in terms of conversions; it was a huge surprise to me how many possibilities there was with these simple boxes. The thought that anything could be done with them is definitely what has interested me the most.

What are you looking forward to most about working here? 

The thing I’m looking forward to most is the new challenge the move brings. As I will work extremely hard to be the best I can possibly be, and the challenge of becoming this is what excites me and drives me most.

What are you enjoying most so far? 

So far I’m enjoying learning the ins and outs of this great company and getting to know my new colleagues who have helped me settle in brilliantly.

What is it like having, LinkedIn famous, Andrew Rushton as a boss?

It’s brilliant to have bosses (such as George Woolley) as it’s fantastic to see and hear about his success caused by hard work and dedication. Also, Andy Rushton as he has expanded the company virally and become a LinkedIn celebrity. I believe there is a lot I can learn from these people as well as many others here. I consider myself lucky to be around people who I can look up to and are willing to teach me everything about the industry.

 Do you have any secret party tricks? 

I’d say my party trick is doing impressions extremely badly, so bad that it is funny to hear apparently!

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years at Universal Containers?

Hopefully in 5 years at Universal I hope to have to become a competent, knowledgeable member of staff who has become an asset to the company.

 We all can not wait to work with Shaun and are looking forward to the future with him