What is a ‘one-trip’ Shipping Container?

All our shipping containers are built in China and then shipped overseas directly to us.

China is the largest manufacturer of shipping containers in the world with over 96% of all containers produced there. They house the best in technologies, materials, and tools to build the highest quality and most cost-effective shipping containers.

Our one-trip shipping containers are classed as new because they have had just one trip from China and then delivered here to us here at universal containers via our Irwell riverside loading bay.

However, to increase overall practicality, be more economically efficient and create financial savings for all parties, all our newly manufactured containers are filled and used to store a variety of goods during their journey overseas, then unloaded and emptied once they reach the UK.

As they are not straight from the factory and are used to transport goods on their initial trip they cannot be classed as ‘brand’ new. It is likely that there may be cosmetic and minor flaws as a result of their initial trip from China.

What to expect from your one-trip shipping container?

In an aim to manage expectations we educate all our customers on the initial journey of our one-trip shipping containers. The condition of each one-trip shipping container will vary depending on the type of cargo it has housed, the conditions of the journey and the diligence of the forklift or crane operators that have handled the container.

One trip or single trip containers are the newest containers you will find on the market. Brand-new containers that are preserved and not used to store any goods on their journey overseas are not financially or economically viable.

This means our one-trip container will show some signs of usage. We class the below as standard and expected damage:

  • Small dints, dents and superficial exterior surface damage
  • Scratches and scuffs on the inside
  • Marks or bumps on the roof or floor from forklift or crane transportation

Acceptable Marks

However, we ensure that any damage to the container which presents a structural risk, distorts its shape, or causes the container to be unfit for purpose is addressed differently, on a case-by-case basis. It is extremely rare that we have containers arrive from our suppliers with major damage.

Our dedicated team inspects and then repairs any damage to the containers when they initially arrive. Our team will remove dints and minor abrasions the best they can but sometimes signs of repair will be visible. If containers are beyond repair and severely damaged then we offer the unit at a discounted rate, we review each unit on a case-by-case basis.

Unacceptable Marks & Damage

We welcome all our customers to visit our site and inspect the unit they are going to receive. This way they can look at the cosmetics in the container before purchasing them.

How long can I expect a one-trip shipping container to last?

The initial trip that the container takes to be delivered to us has no bearing or effect on its longevity and does not decrease its lifespan. As previously mentioned, one-trip containers are the newest format in which you can purchase a container.

Our one-trip shipping containers are built to withstand a whole host of activities, purposes, and weather conditions. Even with basic maintenance, you can expect a lifespan of over 25 years.

Things that help pro-long a one-trip shipping containers lifespan are:

  • Keeping it static, the more it is moved the more damage it will incur
  • Having it raised above the ground to keep water damage and ground moisture to a minimum
  • Keeping the container on a flat surface so there is no imbalance which can encourage water collection
  • Treating, sealing, and painting rust, no container is completely rust-proof especially when exposed to salty air
  • Oiling door hinges